Woodland Bar & Kitchen


A new brasserie style menu to complement our refurbishment.

Our current menus are about simple yet robust cooking using only the best locally sourced ingredients where possible.

We are big on flavour and short on fussiness. Great quality and affordable with no artful presentations; food that satisfies.

We also have two private dining rooms that are available for sole use – spacious, comfortable, stylish and completely separate for privacy; the ideal venue for both private and corporate events.

Our dining rooms are extremely versatile making them the perfect space for every occasion; drinks reception, business meeting, corporate lunch, formal lunch and dinner or celebratory meal.

Whatever the event, our dedicated and friendly staff will help you to create happy memories.

We have a wide range of choices including a mix of modern and traditional cuisine, hearty classics along with healthy salads and snacks.



The Woodland Bar (3)


Price : £15.00 per person

12 Noon to 4.30 pm BOOKINGS ONLY

 All bookings and Enquiries please contact our reception team : 01539 733559

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